The pic below is some newspaper coverage in Ireland of Dan Brown’s most recent book. It describes how I found echoes my own novel, The Istanbul Puzzle, on many if its pages.

Would you be willing to court controversy to promote your writing?

There are more books than ever getting published. Millions! Seth Godin predicted there would be 1 million published last year in the US. He was probably right. How many will be published this year?

That’s up from 300,000 in 2003, where most writers imagine we still are. And that’s excluding the millions published (self published mostly) in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and all the other English speaking places around the world.

So how can you get noticed among this vast crowd? 

Inferno controversy

Controversy is one way. When I publish a controversial post on my blog the readership jumps 1000%. But is it worth it?

Ask Dan Brown. The controversy over The Da Vinci Code propelled him to become a bestseller. You can see some of the newspaper coverage I received, above, when it was suggested to me that one of his books had an uncanny resemblance to some of the plot elements in my first book, The Istanbul Puzzle.

Ask EL James. The controversy around 50 Shades of Gray made her a multi-millionaire

Then ask Stephenie Meyer. The controversy around the vampires in Twilight helped her to huge success.

So the question for you is, where is the controversy in your book?

I have helped authors find controversy where they thought there was none. But please consider this, are you willing to stand up for what you believe in?

Here is another question for you, do you think it is the writer’s role any more to take a stand, or should writers simply entertain?

If you have any thoughts on this controversial subject please comment below.

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