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Membership Benefits

  1. TWO, FOUR OR SIX WEEKS OF DAILY TWEETS to 746,377 Twitter followers. Our followers are real and they buy books.
  2. FREE membership benefits below. No further payment required.
  3. FREE book promotion by email to our avid readers’ email list of 25,000+. Your book can also be posted to our Facebook Reader group with over 16,047 members after your promotion starts.
  4. Guaranteed minimum of 175 visitors/hits to your book’s Amazon page per week – independently tracked. We focus 100% on getting you new readers.
  5. Your book will reach a global audience. 50% of our followers are in the U.S., 30% are in the U.K., 20% rest of the world.
  6. Our service helps you publish, get reviews and develop your career. We provide advice and support. Our Facebook Author Group is where we announce valuable prizes for members and extra free marketing
  7. FREE guide to improve your book description.
  8. Your video book readings or YouTube book trailers will be Tweeted to our followers to get you even more readers.
  9. Promotion of blog posts related to your book – we will send more traffic to your website/blog, and readers who find your blog posts interesting could potentially buy the book as well.
  10. EXTRA BASIC BONUS FREE email support for three months for any book marketing issue. We are real people who want your book to sell.
  11. Optional 8 Free FAST TRACK MASTERCLASS 1 HOUR AUTHOR TRAINING COURSES INC. EMAIL & FACEBOOK & TWITTER & BLOGGINGFREE $199 value Master Class Courses in our Fast Track Author Training Academy if you want to learn book marketing. We will do everything for you if you don’t.


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We will then email you with a link to a form where you will input your book details. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive this welcome email.

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90+% of our members are in the United States.

Voluntary author members represent all our authors on our business steering committee.

Refunds must be claimed within 60 days of order. We process all refunds within 24hrs. 

You can pay by credit card or PayPal.


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$49$99 (No Sales Tax Will Apply for U.S., UK, Canada, Australia etc.)

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