How do I access the email gathering system?

Having an email gathering system does not require clients to be logged in as an admin, or for us to download their email addresses or even see them. You can give us your form from your MailChimp or Mailerlite account to embed.

Here are the instructions to find that HTML Embed Code for Mailchimp.


How do I edit / add information?

We can add you as an editor for a three day period every time you want to make changes. Let me know what email address to invite for immediate changes as soon as you are ready. This is a shared account at Kajabi using their linked landing pages for multiple authors to keep all our costs down.


Can I have a popup on the landing page that offers free stuff in return for an email? I need to be able to change the offer frequently.

Yes, you can change the text of the offer. We can create a Filter to extract people who signed up for each offer and either you or we can download for use as you decide. 


My newest book is coming out soon, so will I be able to add that to the home page once out?

Once it’s out, send us your newly published book and we will include it on the landing page.


How can I connect my domain name to this site?

This depends on where your domain was purchased. Most of the big domain providers such as GoDaddy have an easy domain redirection system. That means it can be done in under five minutes.

We will provide you with a URL for your page and you will then be redirected to your URL from that domain provider. 


Can I use the link on social media?

Yes, once your landing page is finished and you don’t want any changes, you can use it and share it on social media.


Can we link my blog to a page? 

We can add a separate section to your landing page and add a blog post or link to your blog page.

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