I published my first and probably my only book in January 2021.

I do not consider myself a professional author. I wrote 8 Miraculous Months in the Malayan Jungle because it is my father’s WWII survival story. I am the son of Lt. Col. Donald J. Humphrey, who was a United States Army Air Force B-29 bomber pilot in World War II. 

I enjoyed writing in college, which likely helped me graduate as valedictorian of my class with a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies. I think my education and life experiences prepared me for this unique opportunity to write my father’s fascinating true story of survival, faith, and salvation.

Now retired after a 30-year career as a real estate broker, I had the time to write my father’s book. I hope my father is looking down from heaven with a proud and pleased smile, knowing that his son finally wrote the book he had always wanted to be written and published.

If I ever write another book, it will be a compilation of all the papers I wrote in Bible college.

I have been working with BooksGoSocial since November 2020. 

BooksGoSocial is a great book promotion company. The best thing about BooksGoSocial is that they do everything that an author needs to self-publish their book and then they will help you with or do the marketing that’s necessary to have a successful book launch and beyond.

If you are self-publishing a book, I highly recommend contacting BooksGoSocial early in your process. They can help you with all the things a self-publishing author needs. They can do editing, formatting, and book covers. They can help you with your book description and keywords and categories for KDP.  They will help you with a launch strategy and pricing. Then after you are published, they have many different marketing tools to help you sell your book. 

BooksGoSocial was one of the main reasons why 8 Miraculous Months in the Malayan Jungle is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon today.

See it on Amazon here.

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