Audiobook Marketing Breakthrough


Audiobook Marketing Breakthrough

$250$450 (No Sales Tax Will Apply for U.S., UK, Canada, Australia etc.)


Get Audiobook Marketing That Works!

Our Audiobook marketing “Done For You” service is a breakthrough for authors. No more time wasted looking for ways to reach readers. Get our experts to do it all for you. Here is one author’s experience:

“I have recently started to concentrate on turning my most popular books into audiobooks and was struggling with the right way to advertise audiobooks since I do most of my book advertising via Twitter.

BooksGoSocial recommended using facebook ads and also created an Amazon storefront (featuring all of the audiobooks I have available in a particular series) to direct traffic there. Audiobook sales noticeably increased. To experiment I decided to make a few facebook ads of my own…and didn’t get a single click!

Facebook ads can be tricky, and I think that due to the experience the BooksGoSocial Team has with advertising they know what options to choose when creating the ads to ensure that your ads will get clicks.

Advertising is a lot of trial and error. But what’s great about the BooksGoSocial Team is that when you request changes or make suggestions, they are always happy to help!” Author KuroKoneko Kamen’s Store on Amazon.

Included with your package we will spend a pre-agreed budget on Facebook ads, using our credit card, sending people interested in similar books to your audiobooks. A Store page, if you want one, also allows us to track sales directly attributable to the ads.

If you are unhappy at any time we will refund any remaining unspent ad budget with no quibble and provide proof for what has been spent on your book.

And there is nothing extra to pay until your budget is used up.


The Service

We have been managing ads for authors for the past three years. We are now helping over 150 authors to become profitable with Amazon & Facebook ads. Many of these authors also want a solution to sell their audiobooks. This service provides that.

We have upgraded our reporting too, so when you request it, you will get a graphical report on the spend and book sales related to all the ads we do for you.

You can also use our service for two audiobooks at a time. We will create new keyword lists and ads in phases for both audiobooks.


Where Will My Ads Appear?

Your ads will appear in the newsfeed in Facebook of people interested in your genre and in audiobooks.

Facebook ads work too. Most of the top independent authors are using them.

Clients whose Facebook ads we have worked on include:

Ginger Talbot, whose romance novels sell super well in the U.S.,

Richard Hummel, whose sci-fi novels sell super fast in the U.S.,

Leo Altshuler M.D., whose meditation books sell well in the U.S.,

* Neil Gordon whose audiobook historical fiction novels have done well on Amazon U.S.,

Mike Gomes, whose thrillers are selling super-fast in the U.S.

Facebook ads can make a big difference to your long-term sales success.

And if you take this service we will work with you to ensure your audiobook is ready for ads.


Our Goal

Our goal is to get you into profit within weeks of starting your ads.

That means you making more every month in royalties than you are spending on ads.


What You Get

We will:

+ Review your description, cover and reader reviews and suggest quick fixes.

+ Set up an Amazon Store for your audiobook/s if requested.

+ Help you get reviews for your audiobook/s if requested.

+ Set up a series of ads on our Facebook ads manager for your audiobook/s.

+ Target people interested in similar audiobooks.

+ Set bids (what you pay per click) appropriate to your audiobook pricing.

+ Monitor all your ads on a daily basis to ensure we are heading quickly to profitability.

You can call us by Skype to request we screen share our Facebook ads interface without notice (M-F 9-5 GMT,) so that you can see your ads working.

A report can also be provided by email or telephone.


+++ Audiobook Ads FAQ +++


1. How do you compile the list of targets? 

We use online tools to identify similar authors. We are happy to also use any of your suggestions too!


2. Do authors approve the ad text/copy before they get posted on Facebook?

Yes, you will get to approve all the ads before we post them.  


3. How do you create an ad for someone else’s audiobook?

Facebook Advertising has a dashboard that allows agencies to advertise any product. We can show you this in a Skype video call where we share our screen.


4. Will you maintain the ads after the initial investment? What about the daily/monthly spend beyond the first two months? 

We typically create 3-4 ads for each audiobook in the initial 2 month period. A $30 management fee will keep those running for additional months, with two extra ads per month building on our sales success for you.  

After your initial budget is spent you will also have to top up your budget. You can decide how much to top up by depending on the results of the first budget spend.


5. If, for example, I choose the $350 option how does it work? 

You will get two months of management and a budget of $200 to be spent at Facebook on ads by BooksGoSocial for your $350. The other $150 is the initial store set up and management fee.

If it takes longer than two months to spend your budget we charge no extra management fee until the budget is spent. If the budget is spent sooner we charge no extra management fee on an additional top-up to your budget until two months have passed.


6. Is there a price for updating book descriptions? 

We can update two audiobook descriptions for free.  You can advertise two audiobooks with this program from day one, though we recommend starting with one. Sometimes a light editing is all that is needed, other times a full rewrite.


7. Do you guarantee results? 

We guarantee that your book will be seen by thousands of readers interested in your genre. We guarantee to advertise your audiobook on Facebook continuously until your budget is used up. We guarantee to provide advice on how to improve how your book is presented on Amazon. We are the #1 global advertising agency for books. We find readers for every type of book, every day.  


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