I began working as a full-time college counselor in California after spending many years writing commercial spots for radio stations and doing publicity photography for Hollywood studios but still maintained a passion for writing.

When the pandemic came about and so many businesses started to close, I began to think back to what I would love to have done if given the opportunity.

While reminiscing back to a journalism seminar I attended at Redlands College, I decided to look into the self-publishing field which at the time knew nothing about.

I found that there was much more to being a successful author than just writing a book.

Aside from outlining, editing revisions, formatting for release, and finding a great cover design, I learned that more work needed to be done before a book was to be launched.

Laurence helped me tremendously to complete the finished product while BooksGoSocial provided the necessary resources for success.

I now have four books on Amazon. My latest release titled “Surviving Hollywood” became a #1 best-seller in the Amazon Entertainment category the first week of release and had recently been accepted by Walmart retail store’s website of book selections.

I’ve found that writing is always a journey, not a destination so enjoy the ride!

You can order Surviving Hollywood at this link. 

Robert’s website is here.

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