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Why Work With Us

Four real reasons:

* We have helped over 10,000 writers to significantly boost their royalties and transform their writing careers. 2

* We have been in the book promotion & production business since 2013.

* We offer a Money-Back Guarantee on our membership services here.

* We take a personal interest in your career and go the extra mile for your success.



We Work Hard for You

We offer complete book promotion campaigns delivered mainly through ads for your book in emails sent to readers, through our Facebook Groups and Pages, and on our popular Twitter accounts. We reach over one million readers each week. 

We are a partner member of the Alliance of Independent Authors. We comply fully with their Code of Conduct in all matters. This requires us to be ethical and honest in how we provide our services. 

A Unique Money-Back Guarantee

Our unique no-quibble 60-day money-back guarantee on membership services, pushes us to go beyond what any other promotion service does, to ensure your book sells. This refund guarantee does not apply to money we spend at sites such as Facebook or Amazon for paid advertising for your book on those sites. To see our membership services for book promotion click here

Why not test us and see how well your book will sell?

Step Up With Us

We provide your route to the next level as a writer. That can mean starting your sales for your first book, or stepping up to regular, more predictable daily sales. A lot depends on how appealing your book is to the public. We have helped thousands of authors. Let us help you.

Innovation As Well

We’re innovating constantly too. Our Master Class training for authors, our live and online conference in Dublin in September each year, our YouTube Channel, our Facebook groups, our NetGalley access service for reader reviews, our free cover makeovers, NFT Special eBook Editions and TikTok teams are all examples of how we help to deliver the benefits of the digital marketing revolution to our author members. 

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